About Us

Zest & Zeal Design manufactures statement custom entrance doors, feature internal doors, decorative glass or metal screens, mirrors, furniture as well as decorative lighting.  These are made to order therefore allowing complete design freedom.  Whether private residential or commercial, we work with you from the standard to the absolutely unique.

We work with interior designers, architects as well as private clients to produce designs in wood, metal, glass and stone.

Our custom entrance doors and feature internal doors are available in a variety of hardwood timbers. State of the art security features can be incorporated according to your requirements.  Windows surrounding the door or glass in the door itself can be clear, alternatively we can design and hand carve patterns, precision graphics or signage into the glass.

Bespoke laser cut metal panels inserted between glass layers adds additional security whilst allowing a degree of privacy.

Our in-house designer has extensive knowledge of materials, finishes and trending design with a wealth of experience in high-end sectors ranging from bespoke furniture and lighting design for many five star international hotels, spas and restaurants, to exclusive private residences for clients in London’s Chelsea, Kensington and Belgravia areas, as well as office lobbies and large retail malls around the world, therefore nothing is impossible.

Please contact us to discuss your design aspirations.